Friday, 12 December 2014

Laparoscopic electric morcellators - update on the risk of spread of unsuspected uterine cancer - notice to hospitals

Health Canada has issued a Notice to Hospitals about the use of laparoscopic electric morcellators during hysterectomy and myomectomy for presumed benign uterine fibroids. The Notice stated that the use of these devices, which allows for a minimally invasive surgical approach, may result in the spread and upstaging of occult uterine cancer, which cannot be reliably detected preoperatively. The frequency of unsuspected uterine cancer in women undergoing surgery for the removal of presumed benign fibroids has now been estimated to be in the range of 1-in-350, which is more prevalent than previously reported. Health Canada has reviewed the relevant clinical and scientific data pertaining to this medical safety issue. Based on the results of its review, Health Canada will be working with device manufacturers to revise the instructions for use of laparoscopic electric morcellators. Read more here.

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